06/52 Fiji – Naibuka Qarau

In the 1960s Her Majesty’s Armed Forces recruited 12 women, and 200 men from Fiji, Naibuka Qarau was one of them. In this episode we learn how he’s made Hackney home and he’s completed the circle of early Methodist missionaries.

There are at least two books written about Naibuka’s years of service, 212 Solider for the Queen by David Tough and In the Steps of Stanely by John Blashford-Snell.

Communities Fiji Britain is the charity through which Naibuka welcomes Fijians of all races and walks of life into the UK.

You can also find him every Sunday at Welsey’s Chapel near Old Street station. The service begins at 11am, and hung inside this very historically important building you’ll find flags from all over the Commonwealth. Each one represents members of the congregation and their diverse hometowns.

Underneath the church is the Museum of Methodism, and next to it John Wesley’s chapel and grave. It’s open Monday to Saturday 10am – 4pm.

This episode was the work of many. Thank you of course to Naibuka for your generosity, and your service to country and church. To Chris to inviting me to the PISUKI event where we met, and to Mo who introduced us. For Saane Sunshine and Emily for being so warm and welcoming, and Beatrice for the cake we ate while recording this.

British Subjects is produced by Anna Rose Kerr.