32/52 Mauritius – Robert Nairac

Captain Robert Laurence Nairac GC was born in Mauritius, and served as a British Army officer in Northern Ireland where he was abducted and assassinated by the Provisional IRA. In this episode I speak to Geoff Knupfer, lead forensic investigator at the Independent Commission for the Location of Victims Remains.

If you have any information which may be helpful with the case, you can anonymously contact ICLVR:

Britain and Ireland 00800 – 55585500
International +353 1 602 8655
ICLVR, PO BOX 10827, Dublin 2, Ireland

Captain Nairac has been accused of involvement in the Miami Showband Massacre, the murder of an IRA member and collusion with local paramilitaries. In this interview with the Irish Times, Knupfer disputes Nairac’s involvement.

This episode of British Subjects is produced by Anna Rose Kerr, with research assistance from Lisa Monks.