40/52 Uganda – Sushil & Anjana Patel

Anjana Patel with her daughter Priti

Priti Patel’s parents Sushil & Anjana are an Indian couple who fled Uganda to the UK in the 1960s just before Idi Amin’s decision to deport all Asians.

In 1972 55,000 Asians were ordered to leave Uganda half of them had British passports and were re-housed in the UK by the Ugandan Resettlement Board.

In the UK, the Patels set up news agents in Hertforshire, London and East Anglia.

“My husband always says ‘you did not really live above the shop you lived under the till’ because I am obsessed with money and counting money. But seeing my mum and dad working the most incredible amount of hours … it was a great education. It is a hard life. I would always be filling the counters and helping at the cash and carry.

Priti Patel – East Anglian Daily Times

Both the Patel parents have been involved in politics, with Anjana serving for the Consvertive Party and Sushil standing for UKIP. This epiosde looks at the Patel family, as well as the effects Home Office policy on immigrants whose visas are in jerpody as a result of Covid-19.

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